cloned card

$ 90.00

1 Card Total Balance ≈ $3 200

cloned card

$ 120.00

1 Card Total Balance: $3 000

cloned card

$ 110.00

1 Card Total Balance: $3 100

cloned card

$ 49.00

PayPal Transfers $500

cloned card

$ 99.00

Western Union Transfers $1000

cloned card

$ 249.00

Western Union Transfers $3000

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In recent years, the use of cloned cards and hacked credit cards has become a growing concern for both individuals and businesses. These types of fraudulent activities are often carried out by criminals who use stolen credit card information to make unauthorized purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs. To carry out these activities, they use a variety of tools and techniques, including dumps cc, CC CVV shops, and carding.

One of the most common ways that criminals obtain credit card information is through the use of skimming devices. These devices are small electronic gadgets that are attached to ATMs, gas pumps, or other payment terminals. When a card is swiped through the device, it captures the information stored on the card's magnetic strip. Criminals can then use this information to create cloned cards that are identical to the original card.

Another method used by criminals is hacking into computer systems that store credit card information. This type of attack is known as a data breach and can result in the theft of thousands or even millions of credit card numbers. Once the information is stolen, it is often sold on the dark web to other criminals who use it to create cloned cards or make unauthorized purchases.

To carry out these fraudulent activities, criminals often use dumps cc or CC CVV shops. These are online marketplaces where stolen credit card information is sold to other criminals. Dumps cc refers to the data that is stored on the magnetic strip of a credit card, while CC CVV shops sell credit card information that includes the card number, expiration date, and CVV code.

Carding is another technique used by criminals to commit credit card fraud. Carding involves using stolen credit card information to make purchases online. Criminals will often use the cloned card to make small purchases to test if the card is still active before making larger purchases.

For individuals who are looking to engage in credit card fraud, there are websites that offer the ability to buy cloned cards or dumps with pin. These websites are often operated by criminal organizations and are illegal. Individuals who are caught using these types of cards can face serious legal consequences, including imprisonment and fines.

In conclusion, the use of cloned cards and hacked credit cards is a growing concern for individuals and businesses. Criminals use a variety of tools and techniques, including dumps cc, CC CVV shops, and carding, to carry out these fraudulent activities. It is important for individuals to protect their credit card information and to be aware of the risks associated with using their credit cards online. Businesses should also take steps to protect their customers' information and to monitor their systems for signs of a data breach.

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We sell cloned debit and credit cards with US and EU balances only. We provide high balances on our cards and the ability to withdraw it at any ATM.

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We ship our products all around the world. Each contry, almost each city/town you want us to ship your cards. Including Africa, Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe etc.

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We only accept Bitcoin for all payments. We generate new address for each customer to provide more security. We hope you've used Bitcoin already. We can give an advice about it if you need.

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We work with Safe Escrow

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We deliver cards keeping complete anonymity and security. We discuss the most suitable delivery way with each client.

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We appreciate security in a correspondence. We use secure email and PGP encryption. We don't care who you are and why you are buying a card. It's your business only.